Favorite ice cream flavor.
 Brownie Moosetracks and Ben and Jerry's Half Baked.

Favorite color.

Favorite animal(s).
Giraffes and elephants.

Ever dyed your hair?
Yes! I love changing my hair color. I've dyed it numerous shades of brown and even purple back in the day.


What specialty of nursing do you work in?


Do you like tattoos? Have any?
I love them and I currently have three.

When did you turn to Christ?
I attempted my journey a few times but in the spring of 2013 is when I turned to Christ and truly began to work towards building a better relationship with God. 

Is there a time you've ever been truly happy?
The happiest I can ever remember being is summer 2013. I had just began my journey towards God, going to church, praying A LOT, praying in tongues, and journaling. I was spending time with my family, true friends and focusing on myself and the things that make me happy. I was in an environment that was healthy and uplifting. It was a time where I felt truly at peace. 
And then I came back to school where the environment is not so positive and uplifting. A place where people aren't so supportive and interested in your journey with God. My focus right now is to get back to where I was mentally. Peaceful, happiness. I have faith I'll get there soon.
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