50 Before 30

  1. Be in a wedding
  2. Travel without luggage
  3. Have my own place
  4. Go to an NFL game
  5. Go on a wine tasting 
  6. Go to the shooting range (February 2016)
  7. Blog consistently
  8. Fully turn my life over to Jesus Christ 
  9. Pay for another's meal anonymously
  10. Find a church and go regularly
  11. Live in another country for at least one year
  12. Travel with just a carry on
  13. Go on at least four vacations (Mexico, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando)
  14. Build even better relationships with my siblings (always in progress)
  15. Get married
  16. Have a baby
  17. Go an entire week without social media
  18. Handwrite letters to friends across the country once a month
  19. Start a new family tradition 
  20. Get into nursing school
  21. Visit my sister in Canada (August 2015)
  22. Give 10% back
  23. Get my own puppy
  24. Volunteer at least twice a week
  25. Work out 3 times a week
  26. Travel alone
  27. See Beyonce in concert (July 2014)
  28. Rent/buy my own place (October 2015)
  29. Pay it forward in a very big way
  30. Read 12 books each year (2015 - II, 2016 - III, 2017 - III)
  31. Incorporate scripture throughout my house
  32. Pick fruit on a farm
  33. Go to an outdoor concert  (Rascal Flatts x2, Lady Antebellum)
  34. Go on a picnic date  (Spring 2014)
  35. Host a summer cookout  (Summer 2012)
  36. Go rafting or tubing down a river
  37. Go on 15 trips (2013 - Miami, Cincinnati, Washington D.C & Auburn; 2014 - New Orleans; 2015 - Orlando, Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Indiana; 2016 - Jacksonville, Las Vegas, St. Thomas; 2017 - Portugal, Spain) 
  38. Compile family recipes into a cookbook
  39. Shop in New York City and Chicago 
  40. Attend a food festival  (Taste of Soul Food and Music Festival Atlanta 2016)
  41. Volunteer abroad
  42. Take a cooking class 
  43. Have a girls trip each year post-college (2016 - Vegas & St. Thomas; 2017 - Vegas)
  44. Fly first class 
  45. Meet a blogger friend in real life (Hey Ashley! 2015)
  46. Throw a dinner party 
  47. Find my best beauty routine 
  48. Attend a jazz festival  (Summer 2013)
  49. Go zip lining 
  50. Run five 5ks (Run for Rebecca 2009, Dash for Diamonds 2011, Hot Chocolate Run 2015, The Color Run 2015, The Color Run: Night 2015, The Color Run 2016) 


  1. I love this list! Although I've hit the "30" mark, there are quite a few things on your list that I've done and many that are on my 101 in 1001. Congrats on getting into nursing school & good luck!

    1. Thank you so much and I can't wait to see what all you accomplish in 1001 days!! By the way, your dogs are adorable! xo


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