May 29, 2017

Date Night

May 29, 2017
Admittedly, I love going on dates.

I love being wined and dined. I love dressing up since I wear scrubs 98.3% of the week.
However, I don't go out with just anyone. Unlike some women, I do actually have to like the guy.

Sometimes though, going out on a lot of dates with said guy can get to be expensive, so to break up the spending, I'm usually game for going on a variety of types of date whether it's cheap/free or a $200 date.

Here are some prefect date ideas despite your budget:

Watching planes - heck, I've done this alone and loved it
Going for a walk
Hiking at a local trail/mountain
A day at the pool
Star gazing - maybe you'll even catch a meteor shower!
Read and hammock together
Drive around new subdivisions and look at houses
Feed the ducks
Game night (maybe include some friends in this one)

Low Cost
Ice cream
Cook each other your favorite meal - you gon' get this mac and cheese, string beans and fried chicken ;)
Picnic at the park - Publix subs and some water/lemonade
Home movie night - complete with Dollar Store popcorn and candy
Plant flowers - nothing makes me smile quite like fresh flowers

Medium Cost
Visit the museum - visit on a discounted day for a lower cost!
Go to a water park
Water rafting
Creating your own food tour - 1 app, 1 entree and 1 dessert from different restaurants
Go to a sports game - they usually have cheap tickets if you don't mind sitting up high!

High Cost
I'm pretty sure you all know what an expensive date entails. 
Ruth's Chris? A weekend getaway? Caviar, champagne and the works? Skydiving? Shopping spree? 
If you dream of it, then that's your expensive date :)

Cheers to great dates full of fun, laughter, and getting to know one each other!

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