July 24, 2015

Five on Friday

July 24, 2015

Thanks to DarciNatashaApril and Christina for bringing us Five on Friday every week! Now let's jump on in.

I've walked/ran 9 miles and biked 2 miles this week. That, my friends, is an accomplishment for this girl.

I DESPERATELY want to make these. And drink these. Right now. 
Yes, even at 8AM.

Drink me
I also want to make and eat this at this. exact. moment. 
Does thinking about it negate the 3 miles I just ran this morning?

Eat me
I start work in exactly one month. 
I am so excited, nervous, scared, emotional, ready/not ready.
Any nurses out there able to give me some advice for being a new grad nurse?
I'm on hematology/leukemia, but any nurse from any specialty is more than fine!

I must remember this. All the time. 

July 16, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Revisited

July 16, 2015
Earlier this summer, I created a Single Girl's Bucket List. I figured since summer is halfway over, it was time to revisit the list and update y'all on what I've done!


Take a spontaneous road trip
Technically it wasn't a road trip, but I did take a last minute trip to Chicago this past weekend!

Hike somewhere new (Panther Creek Falls, Tallulah Gorge anyone?)
Went on a mini hike at the Roswell Mill Ruins with a former classmate/friend/fellow nurse

Go out in Buckhead
Both for a friend's birthday and Fourth of July weekend

Visit the World of Coke, Ga Aquarium, and Ferris Wheel
Sky View done on the Fourth of July

Go sky diving

Ride the new Atlanta streetcar
Rode this all the way from Centennial to Edgewood where I hopped off and visited some bars and the MLK National Historic Site

Shoot the Hooch
Go to a Braves game
Eat my way through Food Truck Park
Visit a friend in Seattle
Sign a lease for my own apartment
Visit the Civil Rights Museum
Go to the movies by myself
Learn one of Beyonce's many choreography numbers in its entirety
Play on a playground
Climb a tree
Clean out my old bedroom
Make s'mores
Visit friends in New Orleans

Watch dumb reality TV shows without feeling guilty
Kardashians, Total Divas, Real Housewives, Rich Kids... Safe to say that I don't feel guilty in the least

Go on a date with someone outside my norm
Date myself
Watch a meteor shower

See giraffes
Good ole Disney!


Go out and stay out until the sun rises
Such a fun night out with such wonderful friends!

Buy myself flowers

I've still got about a month before I start work, so hopefully by then I can have almost all of this list crossed off! I know a few that definitely won't happen, but I'll keep them on the list just in case... :)

July 10, 2015

Movie Review: The Gallows

July 10, 2015

As you may or may not have seen, The Gallows comes out today in theaters. 
Lucky for me (*can you sense the sarcasm*), a theater by my apartment began screening it last night.

At the insistence of a friend, I went and saw it. 
And for your sake, I'm reviewing it - and possibly saving you $10.50.

The Gallows is a found-footage movie based around four high school kids - three jocks and a drama queen - and a play called "The Gallows"... shocking. In the movie, the school is putting on this play to pay homage to the original play of the same name in which someone died in a freak accident. Dumb idea. 

If you want spoilers, highlight the space below:
Basically, one of the football players - Ryan - and his cheerleader girlfriend convince the lead male actor in the play (also a football player named Reese) to destroy the set that night so the play can't happen. Another dumb idea. Once in the school during the night, they get locked in. Ryan does a bunch of stupid things like getting lost, calling out to the ghost of the kid who died, and climbing ladders to prove he doesn't believe. They also run into Pfeiffer - the drama queen - and she gets upset as to why they're in the school. As they try to escape, they die one by one as they're left alone (seriously, WHY do they split up?!), Reese makes the dumbest decision in history and it turns out Pfeiffer was in on the whole thing. I won't spoil exactly what happens or how, but it's... interesting. 

What doesn't make any sense is that one of the students - Ryan - is running around with a camera and there is NO explanation as to why. Unlike Paranormal Activity where they were filming to see what happened during the night, or Blair Witch Project or any other found footage movie which usually explains why the person was filming in the first place, there was absolutely no explanation as to why it was being filmed. And maybe I'm thinking too much, but that bothered me. 

While there are some jumpy parts and eerily long silences, I jumped maybe once or twice and got angry at the lack of these characters' logic.

Would I see it again? No. 
Would I suggest paying full-price (aka primetime)? No.
What about matinee? Maybe - if jumpy, suspenseful movies are your thing, you're looking to kill time, or you're into slightly scary movies that won't haunt you in your sleep. 

Honestly, I'm not mad I went (especially since I am an avid fan of the matinee and still use my student ID to get cheaper tickets) but I am a little disappointed in the quality of acting and the lack of explanation of some important things (at least what I thought was important). 
Oh, and how dumb these kids were, but that is to be expected in "scary" movies nowadays.

Are you interested in seeing The Gallows? Were you before you read this review lol? Have you seen it and/or what are your thoughts?

July 1, 2015


July 1, 2015
With the Fourth coming up, my best friend coming into town this weekend and me trying to pack up this apartment, I leave y'all with another #WordlessWednesday 
(brought to you by Pinterest)

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