April 9, 2015

What's In Your Bag?

April 9, 2015
Last Friday night, I decided to stay over at my sister's house since we had a race bright and early the next morning. Now I'm not an avid runner so I don't know exactly what should be in a "race day' bag, but I do know how to throw some things in my purse and manage not to forget a single thing. 

Starting in the lower right corner and going in a counterclockwise spiral:

Gotta throw all of these "essentials" into something, amirite?

Running pants and shorts
I never know if my body will decide it wants to be freezing or a sauna come race day, so I always throw both into my bag.

Moisturizer and deodorant
These should go without saying.

Contacts, contact solution and contact case
I've tried running in glasses before and failed, epically.

Mini first aid kit
White box; the nurse in me (or maybe it's the klutz) always needs bandaids on standby.

Several reasons but mainly I hate being ashy and I like being the color I was born to be.

It never fails that I always have to sign something and no one EVER has a pen.

Car keys
Well... We aren't going anywhere without these. 

Need kissy face fresh lips all the time.

I'm self conscious about wearing contacts and my eyeballs blending in with my face.

Glasses case
Gotta put the glasses away when the contacts come out to play. 

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Minty fresh so I don't scare away the boys my sister.

Please try running without socks on and let me know how that goes. 

Plastic bags and rubber bands
Honestly, I have no idea how these got in there. 

Rule #1 as mom-friend of the group is that one must always carry snacks and/or candy.

Melatonin and Advil
I don't know what a normal sleep cycle is, but I know all too well what headaches are.

Usually not used when I race since I run with my sister, but I have used them to tune out conversations she's having on the phone. Or watch youtube videos. 

Stave off the thirst.

This is actually rare because I never buy gum. Easter egg gum was a gift from my professor.  

Alcohol/Sani wipes 
Nurse/Mom-friend of group. Must be sanitary.

Money, ID, debit card, life... No biggie.

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