April 9, 2015

Post Tonsillectomy, Days 2-4

April 9, 2015
Just the other day I posted about getting my tonsils out, which you can read about here.
Here's a follow up of the past few days.

Day 2
I think it's mainly because I was taking the Hycet and didn't have much on my stomach (mostly liquid anyway and to be honest, that wasn't staying in for too long). 
So I had to take Zofran in the morning. 
Anyway, I was nauseous throughout the entire day but I managed to hang out on the first floor with my family all day and even ate two hot dogs and tater tots after they got cold and I cut them to the point that they almost didn't exist anymore. 
After I ate that, no more nausea. *does little jig*

Today's wellness rating: 7/8

Day 3
I don't think I've ever been so nauseous in my life.
I even ate and drank a little something before taking my pain meds and even though the nausea was so bad in the morning, I waited until 1pm to take Zofran trying to see if repositioning myself and ice chips would help. 
Earlier in the day, standing for too long made me dizzy and at 5pm, the mere thought of moving/looking around the room with just my eyes/turning my body or my head/sitting up made me sick to my stomach.

So Momma (bless her heart) called my doctor for me and he didn't really say all that much but to continue what I've been doing, take the Zofran and just to move super slowly.
So naturally I had a mini meltdown, but I'm trying to remain as positive as possible.
I managed to eat some cooled down macaroni and cheese and some of the soft parts of the bread my family had with their dinner before going back upstairs to lie down.

Today's wellness rating: 7

Day 4
What is life.
I slept amazingly (well... compared to the past 2 nights), however I woke up with my throat at a nice 8-9 pain level. I managed to grab a shower and drink some of a smoothie, which is an accomplishment at this point, and take my pain meds.
I am really trying to beat any nausea today away with a stick by taking the Zofran early (aka right this second) and eating before taking any pain meds.

Update: I went out with Momma, my sister and the kids and had a great time though I think I may have overdone it today. After coming home, I didn't feel well as in I felt spacey, pressure buildup in my ears and a bit sick. I went to lie down for a bit before going to eat dinner and at dinner I had 6 glasses of water and 2 glasses of Gatorade. I think that I haven't been taking in enough fluids (though I feel like I've been drinking an ocean's worth and am CONSTANTLY getting up to use the restroom in the night), which is why I've been nauseous. Also, the pressure in my ears is steadily increasing and the sides of my tongue hurt so bad that I don't feel like talking, eating, drinking or even just swallowing at this point.

Today's wellness rating: 6/7
My whole room looks like this... Chaotic clutter.

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