April 14, 2015

Post Tonsillectomy, Days 5-8

April 14, 2015
Day 5
You know what, day 5 was quite alright.
I woke up with a spring in my step, which I instantly regret because I attempted to do way too much resulting in my butt staying in bed all day.
But nausea? Little to none. 
Eating? Pretty good; smoothie, applesauce, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, cheese enchiladas
Drinking? The River Nile.
No seriously, I've had so much to drink it's insane.

But I didn't have to take Zofran (fist pump!) and I didn't feel like my world was ending when I glanced around the room (double fist pump!)

Today's wellness rating: 7/8

Day 6
There was greatness and not so greatness.
I was able to eat breakfast (an omelette and some home fries once all of it cooled off) and head out to the store with Momma, which was wonderful. We shopped a little bit and decided to head back so I could rest and take my medicine.

I'm at a point where I'd like to be off my pain meds, so I've been tinkering with the dosage and time between doses since the night before. I ended up taking more Hycet than I wanted, which made me feel completely disconnected from the world, so I ate some food and went upstairs for a nap. After that, much of the rest of the afternoon was spent watching tv with my parents downstairs, feeling just fine.
I decided to try ibuprofen instead of my pain meds around 4 pm, the originally scheduled time for my next Hycet dose, and actually felt pretty good about it. When dinner time hit, I was ready to eat so I cut my food up into 2-year-old sized bites and let it cool.
About 4 bites in (which really means 25 minutes with the amount of chewing I had to do and how painful it was to swallow), I pretty much caved and had a mini meltdown at the dinner table.
It is so frustrating to just want to eat your food like everyone else at the table and not be able to. I can't even swallow water like anyone else right now! Between my mouth hurting from chewing so much, my tongue aching like it has been lately and my throat hurting, I was over it.
I decided to take some pain meds so that I could at least get through dinner. Thankfully, the pain meds kicked in relatively quickly and I could finish dinner with less (less being the keyword) pain than before.

After dinner I decided to take a shower and just calm down from being upset earlier. Have to keep reminding myself that whatever I'm going through is simply progress and I'm putting another rough day behind me.

Today's wellness rating: 6/7

Day 7
If it were a choice, I'd choose not to do this anymore.
Pain today hovered around a 7/8 at all times.
Even my dogs could sense something was off because Riley came upstairs and hopped in my bed (Bella did too, but that's normal).
I made it out of the house to run errands with my parents early in the day, but much like yesterday, talking/eating/drinking/yawning were out of the question.
The meds don't feel like they're working, which is scary, but I absolutely refuse to go back to a higher dosage.
Side note, the scabs have started to come off - which is disgusting by the way. They make you want to cough and gag, but both of those hurt the throat resulting in this scrunchy neck move to get the pieces out and a whole lot of water (which is a joke because anything other than sipping is impossible).
No food tasted good today, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes hurt to swallow, and water stills creates a searing pain as it goes down my throat.

Today's wellness rating: 5

Day 8
Bright and early, a call was placed to the doctor's office concerning the amount of medicine I have left, the fact that I have to go back to school this week and just to make sure I'm healing like I'm supposed to be.
The woman from the doctor's office kindly told us that week 2 is worse than week 1.
Alright lady.
I'm done.

I decided to get up and eat breakfast without taking my pain meds and then made the unfortunate decision to take Tylenol since I was having trouble eating. That didn't work as quickly as I wanted, so I took my pain meds resulting in a debilitating headache and nausea equivalent to Day 2/3. After lying down for a bit, Momma and I went to go pick up my new prescription and I dropped my car off to get an oil change (I drove!!). Dinner of a mashed baked potato, broccoli and bread went down without a hitch.
I was actually able to space out my meds enough to only have taken them 3 times - once at 7 am, 11:30am, and again at 5 pm. The meds were actually more for my head and ears than my throat too. Unfortunately my headache returned, but Momma and I were able to spend some time together before we both called it a night.

Today's wellness rating: 6/7

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