August 29, 2014

The Bare Necessities

August 29, 2014
*This is not a sponsored post, I was not compensated for it, all opinions are mine & mine alone*

When going into survival mode, I'm not your typical batteries, matches and oil for your lantern kind of girl. I grab THE essentials.

You know,  the cell phone and super comfy blanket.
Is that the smartest? Maybe, maybe not... Jury's still out on that one.
But those are both things I'd rather have in my personal survival stash.

That's why when Man Crates reached out and asked "what in the world would you consider do or die essentials to put in your survival kit" I responded with "we-he-ellll let me teellllll you..."

1// iPhone. In this day and age, it's almost freakin impossible to live without a phone (much to my dismay). I truly have a love/hate relationship with this thing. Half the time I'm on it is school related - checking emails or crying at group texts that start pinging at 4am reminding me to get up for clinical, while the other half of the time is all personal - catching up with friends and family, instagramming, tweeting, or getting angry at some of the stuff people say and wishing I could chuck the thing into the wall without it breaking.

2// Trolli Sour Gummi Worms. Do I even really have to explain this?! What is life without some kind of candy to cheer you up or mindlessly gnaw on while doing absolutely anything?

3// J.Crew Lounge pants. Here's a summary of my life: wake up, take off lounge pants and put clothes on for day, proceed with day, come home, strip clothes and put lounge pants back on. I cry when it's time to wash them just because they're so comfy, I don't want to take them off. Maybe I'm pathetic, or maybe you don't own a pair yet so you don't understand...

4// eos lip balm. In every color, in every flavor. Well except that honeydew one, I cringe at the smell every time I put it on (these things last forever and I'm not a wasteful person when it comes to chapstick). Smooth, unchapped, kissable lips? Yes, please!

5// American Horror Story, every season ever made and to be made. Obsessed is a nice way to state how I feel about this show. I'm late to the parade on this, but when it first came out (and when the other 2 seasons came out), I had no interest. One of my best friends forced me to sit and watch one episode of season 2 and I proceeded to watch the rest of the entire season in that one sitting. The next day, I watched the entire first season. The day after, half of the third season. Your girl was HOOKED. So keep em coming baby and Netflix? Put season 3 up!

Now, if you're sitting here wondering "wow Allie, those are amazing things to put in a survival kit," thank you, I think so too. 
If you aren't, what would you put in your survival kit??

Man Crates has some AMAZING "survival kits" for the men in your life since they're often so hard to buy for! Just check them out:

A crate for when Zombies take over the world

A crate for when your man can't get enough brew or baseball

Or brew and football (hello family...)

A crate for the grill master of the house

Whatever the occasion, men need manly things. Man Crates provides just that: manly men stuff (though I would gladly take any of the crates, especially the one full of snacks... go ahead and send that my way). No bows, no tissue paper, no "wow, this is so neatly wrapped." 
Just a crowbar (included) and the crate of life are all you need for whatever man [or woman] in your life to be shocked and awed.

I told one of my friends about this gift idea (is "gift" too girly a word now?) and he just thought it was way awesome. Wonder what Dad will think if/when he gets one.

August 21, 2014

In Recent News

August 21, 2014

That's right. 

Half of the reason I've been so MIA is that I've been in the process of moving into my new apartment and starting my last year of nursing school. So between sweating my heart out to get all my stuff up 3 flights of stairs and sleeping like a cat, I haven't visited ye olde blog lately.

Let me give you a little tour of my new abode



Meal numero uno in new apartment 

Hopefully I'll be back to the more regular blogging schedule soon!

August 6, 2014

This is Actually My Life.

August 6, 2014
I came across a Thought Catalog post the other day and it described me to a T. 

The title?

18 Struggles of Having an Outgoing Personality but Actually Being Shy and Introverted

Here are the ones that I burst out laughing to and whole heartedly agreed sounded like me:

1. You’re not anti-social, you’re selectively social.

7. Dating is weird, because you’re smiling and laughing and talkative at dinner, and then you don’t want to answer their texts for four days, because like, you just want to be left alone…

8. You’re accused of being flirty with everybody, which is hilarious, because in reality, you can only tolerate like four people. 

9. You retain an air of mysteriousness about you, completely unintentionally. (There’s no mystery. You just feel no need to update the social sphere on what’s going on in your life every two hours.)

10. Not to mention the fact that you either have days in which you’re tweeting and [instagramming] every five minutes… or you [go ghost for weeks at a time].

12. You’ve never really understood the whole “introvert vs. extrovert” dichotomy (can we call it that?) Because you’reboth

15. The entirety of your being is a conundrum, so needless to say, indecisiveness is your Achilles’ Heel.

Head on over to this post to read the rest and see if it sounds anything like you!

August 4, 2014

DIY Makeup Palette

August 4, 2014
If I can DIY, you can DIY.

After obsessing over makeup organization and Z palettes, I decided to make my own. It was super simple, and quite honestly the hardest part was finding a tin. 

I searched Target for a makeup tin (which the website says they sell... false) and Walmart for magnetic sheets and a makeup tin (yes magnetic sheets, no makeup tin).

After calling my mom about three times, she found a tin at home so I was set.

What you need
A tin
Magnetic sheets or magnetic strips
Exacto knife

Want to know what I realized WAY after the fact?
If you use a tin, you don't need to put the magnetic sheet in the tin because TIN IS MAGNETIC.

*Sigh* anyway, let's begin (please ignore the terrible picture quality - iPhone pictures at 9/10PM are not the move):

1. Grab your supplies

Yes, that is a Peppermint Bark tin. Yes, it is deeper than I originally wanted. Yes, it was free.

2. Remove Peppermint Bark from tin. Eat if your heart desires.

3. If you have a lapse of memory that tin is magnetic LIKE I DID, or if your container isn't magnetic, attach magnetic sheet by peeling off adhesive backing.

4. Using an exacto knife, remove pots from their original container. Peel adhesive backing off of the pots before attaching magnets.

5. Attach a small magnet to the back of each pot. I just cut small squaretangles.

6. Stick your makeup into your tin and voila, enjoy!

August 1, 2014

On The Run to BEYONCE part deux

August 1, 2014
Earlier this week I gave y'all part one of my fabulous trip to New Orleans, but what I didn't talk about was the FABULOUS Beyonce and Jay Z concert I attended on Sunday.

I was terrible at taking pictures of my outfits this whole trip, but for the concert I wore a black crop top , these pants, and basic black t-strap sandals.

The concert was scheduled to start at 8, but Brittany and I went downtown and parked around 5:30 so we could eat and grab a drink before the concert. We grabbed THE most delicious drinks and some basic pizza at this hole-in-the-wall restaurant before heading to the Superdome around 7:30.

This man had one job... Get "Mercedes-Benz Superdome" in the picture... fail.

I'm omitting A TON from the concert in case some of you are going and because, let's be honest, it's taking forever for these videos to load and ya girl ain't got time. 
But y'all... It was amazing. 

It was a show, with fantastic choreography, excellent transition between songs and stunning visual effects. 

Well worth it.

Walking down that ramp after the concert and leaving the parking deck however, are another story. Not my cup of tea.

Brittany and I got home around 2AM and passed out since we had to hop on the road to head back to Atlanta by 8AM. 

It was such a great trip, I hope y'all enjoyed reading along!
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