March 28, 2014

It's Friday!

March 28, 2014

As always, thanks to the lovely link up ladies Christina, Natasha, April and Darci
Please excuse how random this Five on Friday is. My brain is all over the place.


I cannot wait to see this weather show up! It has been nothing but unpredictable, wild weather here in Georgia so far this year. For example, this week it has been anywhere from 20 degrees to 73 degrees. 
Some consistency so my face will stop being so dry and I can stick to one type of wardrobe will be nice!


The approach of spring break has this girl going cray-cray. I'm seriously so antsy and I wish I had a real reason why (I have a test THE day I get back, so I still have to study all break),  but the fact that I will be able to have at least half a week to be free is so exciting!


I've lost 8 lbs y'all!!! Your girl is getting slim.


66 days. 15 hours. 31 minutes (as of this post) until I will be in Mexico. I absolutely CANNOT wait because summer not only signifies the end of my first year in nursing school, it will also signify TWO WHOLE MONTHS of time where I don't have to take tests! *does little jig* 


I got new shoes last week and y'all, I am OBSESSED. 
I don't go shopping often, and quite honestly I don't like shopping in stores and trying stuff on, but when I start shopping, I get really into it. A little too into it. And that's how I end up spending way more than intended.

March 24, 2014

A Much Needed Escape

March 24, 2014
As most of you know, I've been studying my life away for the past 8 months. I've had weeks where I felt like jumping off a bridge 6 times over (don't worry, I would never) and many mornings where I contemplated not getting out of bed and just dropping out of school.

Though I always know that God's plan is SO much better and greater than anything I could plan for myself, it's moments like those above that I am fervently praying to Him to please keep reminding me of this. To be honest, I'm also crazily praying for a moment to myself where I don't have to study and can enjoy one of these beautiful, sunny days (which has been quite rare here in Athens). And of course, He always delivers. 

Not only did I get a weekend where I didn't have a quiz or test to study for, I also got TWO sunny days!

Praise Him.

So, Thursday I went running since it was beautiful out and then straightened my hair. That night I went out with my old college roommate to celebrate her birthday and catch up since we hadn't seen each other in a few months.

Friday, my friend Brittany got us great tickets to go to the Hawks v. Pelicans game and we decided to maximize our time out by going to the mall and Atlantic Station prior, and out to get drinks/dance afterward. 

Then Saturday and Sunday I spent with my family and dogs.
Not one book was opened.
Not one grade was looked at.
Not one paragraph of my research paper was typed (oops...)
'Twas bliss.

Just for kicks, here is how many steps I took IN HEELS on Friday...

Let's just say, that these lil piggies hurt BAD.
 Ah well, it's the price I decided to pay.

I hope y'all had a wonderfully blessed and relaxing weekend!

March 15, 2014

Let's Get Down to Business

March 15, 2014

So it's been 6 days since I started my workout program and so far, I'm truly loving it. 
I feel like I have more energy, and when I hit the bed now? No more tossing and turning. I'm literally out like a lightbulb. It's amazing

My diet is also going fairly well. I'm doing a mostly veggie and fruit diet, with some form of protein once a day. I had to kinda break this diet yesterday though. Why?

Because it was PI(E) DAY!

I'm such a nerd.

Your Pie offers pizza for $3.14 on pi(e) day and I just couldn't resist when I was invited by a good friend of mine. 

Today though? 

Back to the ol' grind. I worked out this morning, so I feel refreshed. 

Oh and I weighed myself and I'm down 4 pounds!
(SN: I realized that I never told you where my dad took Momma for her birthday... ARUBA! She had a great time, told me she loved it! She also took pictures of these mannequins in the stores because they had such big butts and boobs LOL.)

March 10, 2014

12 weeks.

March 10, 2014
12 weeks.
84 days.
I have exactly 12 weeks until I leave for Playa del Carmen.

That's right, this girl is going to Mexico!

With that being said, this girl needs to get into Mexican-sunshine-beating-down-my-back/face/stomach shape.

So yesterday, I began my journey to fitness. I walked 1.5 miles (not anything to holler about if you're a fitness buff, but for me, the most I walk is around the hospital for work). Today, I have a whole circuit to do.

I'll get back to you on how that goes, but I'm trying to remain positive about this whole journey. I would love to get into shape, become active and enjoy working out and just live a healthier life overall. My trouble? Motivation. After working 12 hour shifts and desperately needing to study for upcoming tests, I would rather spend 30 minutes vegging out on my couch than running or working out. Yes, I know - lazy. 

I own it.

But I would love to be beach body ready, so I have to change something. The foods I eat aren't going to be the easiest thing to change because eating healthy, or organic like my mother, is not that cheap. At. All. And your girl here is on a strict budget. One that has me saying "I just bought clothes with my food money, so I guess it's Ramen noodles for the rest of the month." (True story. Multiple times.)

I started the Bikini Body Program by Muffin Topless as recommended by my sister who is also doing it with me and she had fantastic results last summer. I'm praying that I have similar results, but I know that by not following her strict 1500 calorie diet to a T (hello, college budget again and I don't eat seafood), my results may be a little different. Yesterday was technically a day for rest on this program, but I felt kind of lazy about starting a new workout plan and resting on the first day. 

Today is day 2 of 84. 

Wish me luck!
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