August 15, 2013

Where Have You Been??

August 15, 2013
Okay, so sorry for the delay.

This is a longgggg post.

Do you want to know why I really am so delayed in telling you about Monday and Tuesday and the Nest?

I know the anticipation is bugging y'all.

I went on a spontaneous road trip for the weekend!

I woke up at the crack of dawn, ate my first meal at my new home, and waited for the painters to come and paint. 

After they painted, I hung out with my friend Alex and she and I went grocery shopping... At 9 PM. Mind you, I had only eaten cereal that morning and nothing else that day, so I was so hungry!

I honestly grabbed a ton of crap, like cookie dough, string cheese, & chips and cheese dip. BUT part of me was thinking, so I bought turkey and cheese, bread, orange juice, and rice.

That night, Alex and I just had girl time and talked since I was without a tv.


Honestly Tuesday and Wednesday blur together because I was "required" to be home while all of these people came and fixed things. Tuesday was the day that AT&T came to install my internet and cable, but when they arrived at 10:45 AM, they told me that my building wasn't wired for cable yet. They came back at 1:45 PM only to tell me that they could work on the outside, but they couldn't set up my cable or internet just yet. That would have to wait until tomorrow (Um... What??). Around 4 PM when they were about to leave, the AT&T man told me that someone else would be coming to set up everything inside within the next 30 minutes. Enter 5:30 PM, a third AT&T man comes and sets everything up inside. 

I now have internet and cable, but no TV.


Here comes my TV! At 2 PM... Better late than never though. It comes in and gets installed, and this girl is TOO happy. I can join much of the rest of the world online and watch the news again.

My friend and her mom come to town and invite me out to dinner (Japanese, yum!). I also try on bridesmaid dresses for her wedding and we decide we love the samples they had ordered from an online Etsy store.


Bright and early, I arrive at aforementioned friend's apartment along with 2 of her other bridesmaids for a day of wedding dress shopping. Off to Atlanta we go. We got done trying everything on around 2 PM and thankfully, she found a dress which looks absolutely gorgeous on her! I would show y'all but I can't spill the beans.

I also get invited to go to the Falcons/Bengals preseason game by a friend but unfortunately I had to turn down the ticket because I didn't drive to the dress fitting, I was not dressed for a game, and there was no way I could boss the bridal party back to my friend's apartment, pick up my car, get dressed, and be back in atlanta by 8 PM for the game.

So instead, my lovely friend Brittany came over and we watched the game at my house and made cookies. After the game, I text M and O, two friends who play for the Bengals, about how excited I was to see them play again and how I wished I could've been at the game. Yadda yadda texts later, Brittany and I said we wanted to come up to Ohio to hang out and go to a game sometime this season and we were invited right then. on the spot. 

What's a girl to do. 

Well WE decided, let's do it. Let's go. 

I won't have a chance to just pick up like this again in the two years of nursing school I have left, so why not.

And not 3 hours later, we were making our 8 hour trek.

Nothing like a hearty McDonald's breakfast while driving through the foggy Great Smoky mountains

Through 3 states later, we made it! Once at O's house, we showered and decided to take a nap before we hung out with anyone. Knowing us (and since we'd only had 3 hours of sleep), we weren't gonna risk flipping out on anyone there so a nap was in order.

Trusty nap blanket
M's truck that he let me drive
The view of Cincinnati from across the river

Some cool wall... Gotta appreciate the art everywhere I go

Hard Knocks was filming!

View from the house

Cincinnati was a ton of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself with my friends. For such a spontaneous, random, last minute road trip, both Brittany and I agreed that we had fun. 

And that's all that matters.

What's even more awesome?

This care package sent from my best friend that was waiting for me when I arrived home.

This girl really knows my heart and I am so thankful for everything she's done for me and sent me. She even sent a little card with it saying that this is my "relaxation box" since I won't have much time to relax in nursing school. God bless her.

God Bless You all!

August 7, 2013

I'm All Alone...

August 7, 2013
(I'm warning you... this is a long post)
I'm finally settled into my apartment and I have cable (yet no TV...) and internet! I have a ton to tell you, but I'll recap it over the next few days.

Bright and early, my parents, brother and I made the trek to school to move me into my new apartment. Talk about exciteddd! Once we got everything here, Padre and I went to pick up the keys from the leasing office, which is about a 6 minute drive away. While we were there, he got a phone call from Momma.

Momma: The apartment isn't finished.
Padre: What do you mean?
Momma: It looks like they just got up and went to lunch. There's painter's tape everywhere, the floor is dusty, the place hasn't been cleaned, the blinds are missing, there's no tv, the paint's messed up, there are ladders bottles everywhere, there's a radio still on, and there are wires hanging out of the walls... It's not finished.

Um. What?!

Naturally, I panicked. Padre had specifically asked me if the apartment would be finished come move in day and I said "Of course!" Not good at all.

So we headed back to the apartment and decided just to clean off the counters and stack everything on them until the painter's came and fixed everything, the cleaners came and mopped, and the builders came to look at what hasn't been finished. 

Sidenote - This is not the same apartment I had been looking at every single time I came to visit. Notice the one sink instead of two, the lack of a hall closet, the placement of the fridge, etc. All last week I had been setting up water and power under the address the property manager gave me ONLY to find out that I was setting up water and power for someone else because my apartment number was actually **3 and not **7 -__-

After dropping all of my furniture off, my entire family waved goodbye and left me with this:

I was left to my own devices to move this big couch by myself.. le sigh.

I honestly didn't even feel like unpacking anything because the floors still weren't clean and the painters still hadn't come but eventually, they did. The cleaners came that night around 6, so I unpacked and set up all but a few bags/boxes after they left (the painters came the next morning). 

I thought I was going to cook that night, but my friend invited me over for pizza, which really helped since my legs were so sore and swollen from not sitting down all day and moving constantly and I was SO HUNGRY. I came back home that night and attempted to crash into my bed, but I had too much on my mind, so no sleep for this girl. The sun also decided to wake me up at a lovely 6:15 the next morning.

Discovered this bad boy Sunday night... No clue how they appeared, but my legs are COVERED in bruises
Oh hey 6 AM....

One other AWESOME thing I have in my apartment is the Nest. I had read about it over on Young House Love about a week ago and thought it was the coolest thermostat, but knowing I would never have one because they're so gosh-darn expensive. Lo and behold my eyes when I moved in:

Stay tuned for Monday and Tuesday's escapades and also more on the Nest!

August 3, 2013

Some Apartment Finds

August 3, 2013
Move in begins in 9 hours.
No internet or cable until at least Tuesday, so here we go:

I picked up some bedding, a bunch of kitchen stuff, artwork, and side tables from my grandma's house. Here's the bedding, all of it from Target, and some of it I couldn't find. 
Target: 64.99
Target: 24.99
Target: 24.99
I'll be taking new pictures of the apartment before it's furnished and during the move in process. Of course, I'll take some after but y'all won't see that til atleast Thursday.

A busy busy week ahead.

My friend is getting married in June so we're looking for wedding dresses on Wednesday. 

I promise I'll update throughout the week and let you know all about my first night in my new apartment, but I must get to sleep. Tomorrow will be A LONG DAY.

God bless you all!
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