July 29, 2013

Graduation/Birthday Party

July 29, 2013
This weekend was truly a blessing.

On Friday, Momma and I went apartment shopping (as we have done for the past couple of Fridays) and finally picked up my bedding, mixing bowls, and a few other accessories. My uncle got in from New York a little after lunchtime, while my sister and her boyfriend came down from D.C and Canada later that night. We all talked and laughed and truly just enjoyed each other's company. 

Saturday was Padre and uncle's birthday/Brother's graduation celebration. Though we already had a semi-full house with Momma, Padre, Brother, sister and boyfriend, uncle and myself, the festivities didn't truly begin until Brother's girlfriend, my sister and her husband, the 3 babies, my aunt, my cousin, and a long lost cousin and his girlfriend showed up.

Let's count how many that is. 
I got 17.
Let's not forget the 4 dogs too. 

It was wonderful to see everyone and to have so many people gather together and really just enjoy each other's company. We were still missing A LOT of people from both sides of the family, but hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll get a lot of them down here next year. 

Momma made me in charge of the fruit salad (among other things) and she asked demanded I make a scalloped fruit bowl out of a watermelon though I've never cut any fruit before... So I did.

Not too shabby if I must say so myself. 

The spread offered soooo many delicious things to choose from, I probably gained 20 pounds just looking at it. 

After much of the family had eaten and while the babies were swimming, about 8 of us decided to play Catchphrase as we do at every family gathering. Let me just tell you, this game is fun by itself. Add 6 drunk people and it's even more entertaining to hear/see how they describe the word we're supposed to guess. We divided into Team Young and Team Old. About 4 rounds of Catchphrase passed before someone suggested Flip Cup.

Let's just say this was a disaster to watch. As someone who doesn't like beer and doesn't drink like that, I couldn't really see the fascination. I watched for maybe 5 rounds at how drunk (or should I say how much more drunk) everyone got. I only played the last round, when I got tagged in because one of the players couldn't do it anymore, before everyone decided to "take a break" (i.e never play again that night). 

We all went and ate some more, watched Brother open graduation gifts, played pool, listened to music, and just hung out. 

Sunday I went to the hospital to visit a family member. We had received the news during the party that they were rushed to the ER and then admitted into ICU, but we were told that there wasn't anything we could do until they were stabalized. Sunday was that day. I won't go into detail because I don't feel as though it's information I should/want to share at the time. However, prayers for my family are greatly appreciated. God works in mysterious, wonderful ways and I know that His Will will be done in any and all circumstances, especially this one. Most of you dont't know me personally, but that shouldnt stop you from saying a quick little prayer. Please, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Any who, I have a lot to do today, but also this week before I move out in 6 days. I'll probably be posting once or twice more before you all get to see the unveiling of my new apartment!

Remember, we are all God's children. He never left us, we left Him. He's waiting for you to come back and it's never too late to go back to your Father. 

God Bless and keep me and mine in your prayers as I keep all of you and yours in my prayers.

July 25, 2013

The Babies!

July 25, 2013
Today was my last day nannying!

Boy am I gonna miss those kiddos when I go back to school, I truly love them.

This week, we spent a lot of time outdoors despite the yucky weather for most of the week. We enjoyed playing in the woods, at the park, and even in the pool.

The playground. Boy I wish I had a playground like this when I was growing up!

The babies were fascinated with this frog we found outside their house and insisted that I take a million pictures (I'm sparing you from them all, you're welcome) and send them to their mom.

We spent most of today at the pool, playing basketball, and riding our bikes. I treated them to some soft serve even though they weren't being on their best behavior, but hey, what can I say? 

Allie luh da kids.

I hope you all have a blessed night! 

P.S. I meant to post yesterday about the service at my church, but I got in so late. It was soooo good y'all. Just remember, if you have time to worry about it, you have time to make it happen. If you can't make do with what you have, you will drown if you make more because your yearning will always exceed your earning.

God bless!

July 19, 2013

You Wanna Know What Makes Me Happy?

July 19, 2013

Which I got from Marshall's during my little shopping excursion for my apartment today!
((To know me is to know about my giraffe obsession.))

And this:

The whole cow shebang literally made me smile for a good 35 seconds. 

I met up with a girlfriend from school around 4:30 and we had such a good conversation that by the time we looked at our phones, it was 7! I love spending time with my girls, it always puts me in a good mood.

As for tomorrow, I get to spend the morning at my friend's basketball game.
Oh! Before I go, I spent a lot of last night after said friend's game last night listening to his family debate the Trayvon Martin case (which I decline to comment on) and listening to the Word. It was SUCH a good service. Seriously, y'all. Google Bishop T.D. Jakes and just watch. He explains things so well and so in depth and he relates it to real life, which definitely helped me. If any of you are seeking to learn more about God or at least learn more about/understand stories of the Bible, listen and/or watch him!

God bless all of you.

July 17, 2013

July 14, 2013

The Weekend Recap

July 14, 2013
So this part Friday, my friend wanted me to go to the Lil Wayne concert. To be completely honest, I had no desire to go. I don't care for Lil Wayne enough for me to want to pay any amount of money over $15 to go see him (hey, I saw KDot for $10 and I can see almost any rapper for free at a frat party). So instead, we decided to head to good ole Athens for a girl's night and meet up with two of my other girlfriends. 

((Of course since I was there, I HAD to check in on the apartment and it is coming along beautifully!))

So at my friend's pre game, a TON of the boys came by to say hey and pregame with us. I got to see some people I hadn't seen in forever, which is always great. After a few hours partying it up at the apartment, we parted ways with the boys and had about a 30 minute girl's only pregame which was hilarious! 

Downtown Athens was great - pretty much as it always is - besides the humidity. I had such a great time with these girls (the pictures are missing one of my sweet girls) and I can't wait to see them again!

Excuse how chunky I look and look at the beauty of my friends...
I've known her since we were 7!

Saturday I rushed back home so I could make it to a friend's basketball game on the south side and by the grace of God, I made it both home and to his game early! It was great to watch him play, as always, and I even filmed over half the game. Afterwards, I came home and crashed. I was honestly so tired from the night before and getting up so early to come back home, but all of it was worth it. 

This morning, I woke up too late to make it to church, but that didn't stop me from attending the live stream of the main church (the one I attend is a satellite of this Michigan-based church). This service was much needed. I spent about 2 hours listening, writing, praising and worshipping and I loved it. It's such a different feel to "attend" church from home, but I needed the Word and I was gonna get it no matter what today. 

I also spent some time with my family today watching "UP," which Momma cried during. It's definitely not a kid's movie, so while I wouldn't advise any of you to rent it for your children, I would DEFINITELY recommend that all of you watch it. The love this man has for his wife is undying and beautiful.

God bless you all!

July 10, 2013

She's Here!

July 10, 2013
Y'all, when the weather looks like this for almost 2 weeks straight,

THE littlest things make this girl so happy.

Like the fact that my stethoscope came in! Let me just tell you that ordering stuff for nursing school has been exciting, but also a pain in the you-know-what. So many things from a background check, to scrubs, to uniforms, to a watch and appropriate shoes, to a pocket protector, pen light, yadda yadda. The list goes on, I promise. 

Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic to have been selected to attend this nursing school for the next two years, but it's already a lot of work and the work hasn't even begun, ha!

Aside from the little complaining I had and the lack of stories I have for you today, I got to see someone I haven't seen in about 10 days, which made me super happy. Remember when I said my world flipped for a little? Yeah. It flipped back the right way today, at least for now. 

I prayed so hard about that all week and I kept telling the Lord that I had faith that He knew what He was doing and today He blessed me with the opportunity to see this person and really talk about some things we had issues about. It was great. He is so good to us!

God loves you!

July 8, 2013


July 8, 2013
I just spent the whole day in court and let me tell you... your girl is tired!

Got up at 6:30 AM, made it to court by 7:30, and sat. 
For hours. 

Gotta do it all again tomorrow, so I honestly can't even give y'all enough attention unless I get a nap in.
Hopefully, I'll have a story for you tonight.

God Bless.

July 7, 2013

New, New, New!

July 7, 2013
I decided to change my layout y'all! I am so happy with it. Do you even remember the old layout?
Anywho, I feel like this is more me and my new signature is absolutely TO. DIE. FOR. 
Anywho, so today I went to Goodwill and found the most beautiful Queen Anne Chair and a copy of The Scream

Afterwards, Momma and I went to Tuesday Morning and picked up a beautiful lamp, some dishes, and cutlery. Once I got home, Despicable Me was all I wanted to watch, so I dragged brother to the basement and thoroughly enjoyed seeing it the whole way through for the first time (I've seen from middle to end before).

Remember that frame I talked about painting? Well, here she is!

Unfortunately I have to get up quite early tomorrow for jury duty, so time to bid y'all adieu!

God loves you and I am continually praying for each and every one of you. 
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