May 9, 2018

Major (League) News!

May 9, 2018
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Spring has taken a little while to arrive here in Atlanta, but it is finally here to stay!

Some of my favorite things about the spring are seeing all of the beautiful flowers blooming, the sun shining (most) of the day, the smell of freshly mowed grass, and heading to a baseball game to cheer on the home team.

What better way to cheer on your favorite team as a group than to include the little ones in all the fun??

This spring, The Honest Company has decided to bring the game to the babies by releasing a collection of Major League Baseball diapers - just in time for the season!

With my sisters both having kids, especially having a niece who just turned one in February, our family has been a huge fan of The Honest Company and their diapers for as long as I can remember. 

Whether you're a huge baseball fan, a huge baby fan, or just a huge fan of quality diapers from a company that strives to only include the necessary ingredients in their products, you can't go wrong with these amazing diapers.

But I mean seriously y'all, who wouldn't want their precious baby rocking a team diaper like this?
via The Honest Company Pinterest and IG: lyricsterling

February 21, 2018


February 21, 2018
My friend/work wife and I are thinking of going on a trip to Europe this fall and doing a little hopping around while we're there. Have any of y'all ever been to any of these cities? Are there any that you recommend over another? Why?

Cinque Terre

Thanks for your help!!

February 9, 2018

Take Me Back!

February 9, 2018
So about this time last year, I decided I needed to go visit my parents who live overseas. I jumped right in and bought a plane ticket to Portugal, with only little hesitation (it was my first time flying overseas)!

Now the time has come to go visit again. Earlier this month, I bought a ticket to Portugal (again), but I also bought a few other tickets as well! My brother, a few of his friends, and myself are going on a little Eurotrip before my brother graduates from med school and begins residency. 

A little on last year's trip - my adventure kicked off with a 9 hour flight to Germany, a 4 hour layover, and then a 2 hour flight to Portugal. My parents were elated that I was visiting - especially since I was there for 10 days! Much of the trip was spent exploring local towns, beaches and looking at houses with my parents. Mom and I managed to take a trip to Lisbon and Sintra sometime during the middle of my stay, and my parents and I all went to Sevilla, Spain two days before I left.

This time around, I'll only be in Portugal for a total of 5 days. Visiting the parents is sandwiching an excursion in London, Amsterdam and Berlin for me, with the boys going on a slightly longer trip than my own. I am BEYOND excited to head back to Europe and explore more of the unknown (to me). 

Any tips or things I definitely need to see while over there??
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