February 21, 2018


February 21, 2018
My friend/work wife and I are thinking of going on a trip to Europe this fall and doing a little hopping around while we're there. Have any of y'all ever been to any of these cities? Are there any that you recommend over another? Why?

Cinque Terre

Thanks for your help!!

February 9, 2018

Take Me Back!

February 9, 2018
So about this time last year, I decided I needed to go visit my parents who live overseas. I jumped right in and bought a plane ticket to Portugal, with only little hesitation (it was my first time flying overseas)!

Now the time has come to go visit again. Earlier this month, I bought a ticket to Portugal (again), but I also bought a few other tickets as well! My brother, a few of his friends, and myself are going on a little Eurotrip before my brother graduates from med school and begins residency. 

A little on last year's trip - my adventure kicked off with a 9 hour flight to Germany, a 4 hour layover, and then a 2 hour flight to Portugal. My parents were elated that I was visiting - especially since I was there for 10 days! Much of the trip was spent exploring local towns, beaches and looking at houses with my parents. Mom and I managed to take a trip to Lisbon and Sintra sometime during the middle of my stay, and my parents and I all went to Sevilla, Spain two days before I left.

This time around, I'll only be in Portugal for a total of 5 days. Visiting the parents is sandwiching an excursion in London, Amsterdam and Berlin for me, with the boys going on a slightly longer trip than my own. I am BEYOND excited to head back to Europe and explore more of the unknown (to me). 

Any tips or things I definitely need to see while over there??

August 14, 2017

What Nursing Is Not

August 14, 2017
As a nurse, I have often been asked "so, what do you do all day?" and to be quite honest, that question irks me.
What don't I do?
As a nurse, I am a psychologist, waiter, cheerleader, confidant, and advocate to name a few.

I feel like some people have an opinion of nurses that are way off base. SO I'm here to clear up the air a tiny bit.

Nursing is not sexy.
We do not take care of patients while wearing mini dresses with our cleavage all in the patient's face. Our hair is not in pigtails as we saunter to pass meds in our stilettos.

Nursing is not a way to meet doctors.
I just recently started working day shift, but previously I worked night shift. I hardly even knew what the attending looked like, let alone if it was a man or a woman. Yes, some people meet their future spouses on this job. That is the exception, not the rule.

Nursing school is not easy.
Nursing school is HARD, ask anyone who went through it. "I have to study" takes on a whole new life of its own when you're going into the medical field.

Nursing is not "have it your way" service.
Do I want you to be comfortable and cared for and well attended to? Yes. Do I also want all of my patients to make it through my shift and into the next one? Yes. That being said, if I have to prioritize fluffing your pillow and grabbing juice OR taking my newly confused patient down to get head scans, I will be choosing the latter. Sorry, not sorry.

Night shift is not easy and boring.
I'll say this one time and ONE TIME ONLY - night shift (on many units) do a lot. We have to be quick on our toes because there's no one else looking at that patient but us, the nurse tech and the family (if they're not sleeping). Oftentimes, the gag is that patients sleep all night so what do nurses have to do? Well, a few months ago I worked a shift where I clocked in at 7pm, and at 8pm we had a code met (meaning the patient was unstable and possibly needed to be transferred to the ICU). At 11pm that same night, we had 2 different patients who needed to go to the ICU because one of them was projectile vomiting and the other had an elevated sodium of 160. At the same time, we were informed we would be receiving a patient who was confused, combative and had an elevated sodium of 155. Needless to say, that night was insanely busy. Nurses, both day and night, have a lot of responsibility and each shift has it's busy and stressful moments. 

Nursing is a career, and a calling, of passion. Depending on the unit in which you work, it takes a lot out of you physically, mentally and emotionally. It's not for everyone, but for those who do it - it is rewarding. 

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